Cheesy Chili Dog Bake Recipe



  • 4 hot dogs
  • 4 string cheese sticks (cheddar), halved lengthwise
  • 1 can Pillsbury pizza dough
  • 1 can chili (15 oz.)
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp fresh parsley, chopped


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C).
  2. Roll out the Pillsbury pizza dough and cut it into four equal rectangles.
  3. Place a halved string cheese stick on each dough rectangle and place a hot dog on top. Roll the dough around the hot dog and cheese, ensuring it is sealed.
  4. Place the wrapped hot dogs seam side down in a baking pan.
  5. Pour the can of chili around the wrapped hot dogs in the baking pan.
  6. Bake in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the dough is golden brown and cooked through.
  7. In a small bowl, mix together the melted butter, garlic powder, and fresh parsley.
  8. Brush the baked chili dogs with the garlic-parsley butter.
  9. Serve the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake hot and enjoy!

This Cheesy Chili Dog Bake is a delicious twist on the classic chili dog, with gooey cheese and flavorful chili wrapped in warm pizza dough. Perfect for a quick and satisfying meal!

Here are some tips to make your Cheesy Chili Dog Bake even more delightful:

  1. Choose Quality Hot Dogs: Use high-quality hot dogs with your favorite flavor or brand to enhance the overall taste of the dish.
  2. Experiment with Cheese: While the recipe calls for cheddar string cheese sticks, feel free to experiment with different types of cheese such as mozzarella, pepper jack, or a blend of cheeses for added flavor and variety.
  3. Customize the Chili: If you have a favorite chili recipe, consider using it instead of canned chili for a homemade touch. You can adjust the level of spice and seasoning to suit your taste preferences.
  4. Add Toppings: Enhance the flavor and texture of your Cheesy Chili Dog Bake by adding toppings such as diced onions, jalapeños, sliced black olives, or diced tomatoes before baking or serving.
  5. Spice it Up: For an extra kick of flavor, add some chili powder, cayenne pepper, or hot sauce to the chili mixture before pouring it over the wrapped hot dogs.
  6. Brush with Garlic Herb Butter: Elevate the flavor of the baked chili dogs by brushing them with a mixture of melted butter, garlic powder, and chopped fresh parsley before serving. This adds a delicious buttery and herbaceous flavor to the dish.
  7. Serve with Dipping Sauces: Offer a variety of dipping sauces such as ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, or ranch dressing on the side for dipping the cheesy chili dogs for additional flavor.
  8. Garnish: Sprinkle some grated cheese, chopped fresh parsley, or green onions on top of the baked chili dogs before serving for a colorful and flavorful garnish.
  9. Make it Mini: If you’re serving a crowd or want smaller portions, you can cut the rolled dough into smaller pieces and make mini cheesy chili dog bites instead.
  10. Double the Recipe: If you’re feeding a hungry crowd or want leftovers, double the recipe and bake it in a larger baking dish. Just adjust the baking time accordingly.

By incorporating these tips, you’ll take your Cheesy Chili Dog Bake to the next level of deliciousness!

To achieve the perfect Cheesy Chili Dog Bake, here are some secrets to keep in mind:

  1. Quality Ingredients: Start with high-quality hot dogs, cheese, chili, and pizza dough. Using fresh, flavorful ingredients will elevate the taste of the dish.
  2. Properly Seal the Dough: When wrapping the hot dogs and cheese in the pizza dough, make sure to seal the edges tightly to prevent any cheese from leaking out during baking.
  3. Even Distribution of Ingredients: Ensure that each hot dog is wrapped with an equal amount of cheese and that the chili is evenly distributed around the baking dish. This ensures that every bite is filled with deliciousness.
  4. Precook the Hot Dogs: For optimal flavor and texture, consider precooking the hot dogs slightly before wrapping them in dough. This helps them cook evenly and ensures they are perfectly done when the dough is baked.
  5. Customize the Cheese: Experiment with different types of cheese or cheese blends to find your favorite combination. Consider using shredded cheese instead of cheese sticks for even melting.
  6. Season the Chili: Taste the chili before pouring it over the wrapped hot dogs and adjust the seasoning as needed. Adding extra spices or herbs can enhance the flavor of the dish.
  7. Watch the Baking Time: Keep an eye on the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake while it’s in the oven to prevent the dough from over-browning. You want the dough to be golden brown and cooked through, but not burnt.
  8. Let it Rest: Allow the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake to cool slightly before serving. This helps the flavors to meld together and makes it easier to slice and serve.
  9. Serve with Toppings: Offer a variety of toppings such as diced onions, jalapeños, sour cream, or avocado slices on the side for people to customize their servings.
  10. Enjoy Fresh: Cheesy Chili Dog Bake is best enjoyed fresh out of the oven when the cheese is gooey and the dough is still warm and crispy. Serve it hot and watch it disappear!

By following these secrets, you’ll be able to create the perfect Cheesy Chili Dog Bake that’s cheesy, flavorful, and absolutely delicious!

Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers related to the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake recipe:

  1. Can I use homemade pizza dough instead of canned pizza dough? Yes, you can absolutely use homemade pizza dough if you prefer. Just make sure it’s rolled out into thin rectangles similar to the size of the canned dough pieces.
  2. Can I make this recipe vegetarian? Yes, you can make a vegetarian version of the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake by using vegetarian hot dogs or omitting the hot dogs altogether and adding extra cheese and vegetables.
  3. Can I prepare this recipe ahead of time? Yes, you can prepare the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake ahead of time by assembling the hot dogs and chili in the baking dish, covering it tightly with plastic wrap or foil, and refrigerating it until ready to bake. Just add a few extra minutes to the baking time if baking from cold.
  4. Can I freeze leftovers of the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake? While it’s possible to freeze leftovers, the texture of the dough may change slightly upon thawing. To freeze, tightly wrap individual portions or the entire dish in plastic wrap and aluminum foil, then freeze for up to 1-2 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating in the oven.
  5. What are some suggested side dishes to serve with the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake? Some popular side dishes to serve alongside the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake include coleslaw, potato salad, a green salad, or corn on the cob. These sides complement the hearty flavors of the dish nicely.
  6. Can I use different types of chili in this recipe? Yes, you can use your favorite type of chili in this recipe, whether it’s homemade or store-bought. Traditional beef chili, turkey chili, vegetarian chili, or even chicken chili would all work well.
  7. What can I substitute for the string cheese sticks? If you don’t have string cheese sticks, you can use shredded cheese instead. Simply sprinkle the shredded cheese over the hot dogs before wrapping them in the dough.
  8. How can I make this recipe spicier? To add some heat to the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake, consider using spicy chili or adding some diced jalapeños or crushed red pepper flakes to the chili mixture before pouring it over the hot dogs.

These answers should address some of the common queries related to making the Cheesy Chili Dog Bake recipe.